Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go In The Water…

Posted on by George Murphy

We’re in full summer season swing and the water is looking mighty fine, and not just for swimming! Anywhere there’s water you’ll likely find a

jet ski, boat, or any other watercraft splashing it up. Although the water tends to be less crowded than the road, boat and personal watercraft (aka pwc) insurance are just as important as automobile insurance. Boat and pwc insurance covers your watercraft against things like damage and liability in case of an accident and more. Once you’re insured, going back in the water will be much safer.


What’s The Difference?

Often time boat and pwc insurance are paired together, but size and horsepower will ultimately determine the type of insurance to purchase.

-Personal Watercraft: Up to 13ft & Less than 50 HP

-Boat: 13-30ft & 50 HP+

-Yacht: 30ft+ (Requires different insurance)

No matter what watercraft you’re looking to insure, key things to remember include:

-Modifying a watercraft for enhanced speed and/or performance, driving after dark or without a valid license will not be covered under any policy!

-Policies can restrict the allotted time and/or location of use of your boat/pwc.

-Some boat/pwc assets like water skis & tackle boxes may be covered at no extra cost.


What Does It Cover?

Although they insure different vehicles, most boat and pwc coverage’s offer the same kinds of protection. Typical policies include:

-Physical Damage: Personal Vehicle/Other Boats & PWC/Property

-Accident/Injury Liability

-Windshields & Other Attached Parts

-On-Board Equipment



-Medical Payment*

-Personal Assets*

-Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft

*Some homeowner’s policies cover medical and personal assets towards your boat or pwc, however it is typically not enough coverage.


Benefits/Extras To Look For

Doing your homework while shopping for boat/pwc coverage, but not finding everything you want in basic coverage’s? For vehicles used in water sports, watersports liability coverage can be purchased as well as high liability limits. Look for roadside assistance and fuel/oil spill protection. You can also find extended coverage options in the event your boat or pwc is totaled. These can include:

Agreed Total Replacement Coverage: You will be reimbursed at a previously agreed amount in the event of a total loss.

Actual Value Coverage: At a lower premium, you will be reimbursed for the actual cash value of the boat or pwc.

New Boat/PWC Coverage: Reimbursement up to 20% of the purchased coverage for watercrafts insured within one year of model year.


Savvy Shopping Discounts

Just like automobile insurance, boat and pwc discounts are out there. They can include:

-Clean Driving Record


-Policy Renewal/Customer Loyalty

-Safety Equipped Watercraft

-Inland Water Use

-Boat/PWC Driving Safety Course

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