B.O.P. : Not a 90’s Pop Song

Posted on by George Murphy

 Don’t be Disappointed, BOP is Business Owners Policy

This policy is a combined comprehensive package of typical business insurance coverage a business owner can save with instead of buying policies separately. Includes but is not limited to property, business interruption, liability insurance and more.

A business owners policy is typically for small to medium sized businesses with less than 100 employees and less than five million in annual sales.

Not Stuffed With Cheese, But Other Goodies

Some great examples of how a business owners policy can help are with the aforementioned property and liability coverage.

Property coverage can include your businesses physical building, along with, more importantly, the contents inside of it. (Our Property Insurance blog can give you the scoop!)

Liability coverage insures your business against property damage or injury to patrons for which your business is at fault or takes place at.

Another key coverage that can be included in your B.O.P. is business interruption insurance. Identity theft and even this nifty insurance called valuable papers and records coverage!

Who’s Buying?

Business owners policies are a great tool mainly for small to midsized businesses, as well as home businesses. One very important note is that even if you run your business from home, you should heavily consider a B.O.P.  It is common misconception that a home business owner is protected under his or her homeowner’s policy. The truth is, most policies exclude coverage for home business and home business property as well!

Prevent The Loss To Keep Winning

You win by keeping your business running and revenues climbing. Purchasing a B.O.P. is one of the best ways to facilitate that. Here are some other ways you can help your business:

-Install & Regularly Check Safety Equipment (Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Security Cameras, Etc.)

-Construct & Keep An Updated Disaster Plan*

-Keep Business Organized & Clean, Avoid Mold/Bacteria/Fire Hazards

-Know & Protect Business From Natural Hazards


* Keep an eye out, disaster plan info coming soon!

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